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Kulula Project - An Afrocentric Mentoring Program for Youth

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Kulula Project - An Afrocentric Mentoring Program for Youth

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Kulula Project
Succeed, Achieve, Accomplish

To implement a culturally enriched tutoring and mentoring program for Black Students in Miami-Dade.
The Kulula Project aims at using an Afrocentric mentoring approach to enhance the academic skills and cultural awareness of Black students in Miami-Dade.
Program Overview
Mentors will lead activities rooted in African culture and history that will cover important topics such as self-awareness, relationship building, skill development, leadership training, and community service. Students will also gain greater academic success through tutoring.
  • Enhancing academic performance through teaching study skills and tutoring
  • Increasing awareness of African heritage and culture
  • Appreciating and valuing of self and self-esteem
  • Developing relationship and interpersonal skills
  • Fostering relationships with peers and community
  • Increasing civic and community engagement
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Increasing college preparedness skills
  • Have fun!
Role of the Mentors
Mentors will be undergraduate students from the University of Miami and high school students from the Upward Bound program. They will be trained to become culturally sensitive mentors through training and curriculum instruction. Mentors are expected to encourage positive relationship building, facilitate group discussions, display positive behavior and most importantly connect with youths and connect with our community.

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Marie Guerda Nicolas
Professor, Department of Educational and Psychological Studies
Merrick Building Room 308-B
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