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Domino Park

Maximo Gomez Park informally known as "Domino Park" is one of the main meeting places in Little Havana. Almost anytime of the day it is filled with retirees and neighborhood people playing dominoes or chess.


Maximo Gomez Park is named after a famous Cuban revolutionary who fought against Spanish oppression in late nineteenth century Cuba.


Dominoes is traditionally played by older Cuban men. Sites like Domino Park provide a public space and meeting ground for people in the Little Havana community.


Chess is also a popular game played within Domino Park, recalling the spirit of the great Cuban chess master Capablanca. Note the mural behind the players shown here which depicts the Presidents of the Americas and was painted to commemorate the Summit of the Americas held in Miami in 1993. The mural was created by Oscar Thomas a young Dominican artist who died shortly after the completion of the work.


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