General Guideline for UM Students

Tips for Successful Field Experience

Professional Conduct

  1. Dress appropriately.

  2. Be punctual.

  3. Always call if there is a change to your schedule. Changes should be made only in the case of an emergency.

  4. Adjust your schedule to fit the school’s schedule. Consult the M-DCPS calendar.

  5. Be positive, firm, and professional with students.

  6. Communicate with students in a professional manner.


Instructional Time in the Classroom

  1. Be prepared!  If you feel unprepared for what your teacher asks you to do, ask for more guidance or time.

  2. Ask questions!  If you don’t understand abbreviations/acronyms your teacher uses, ask.

  3. Show initiative by asking for things to do, rather than waiting to be told what to do.

  4. Be willing to accept constructive criticism.

  5. Feel free to share ideas with your teacher.  Many teachers like you to share new ideas.

  6. Paperwork is necessary for assessing and keeping records, but do not spend all of your time doing paperwork. Engage with your students.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Find out the classroom rules and routines immediately and be consistent in keeping them.

  2. Keep students’ confidential information, e.g., student grades, health information) confidential.

  3. Activities involving you and your students should take place in public.

  4. Follow the lead from the clinical teacher when communicating with parents. Refer all inquiries from parents to the teacher.

  5. Find out the school’s emergency and lock-down procedures.

  6. Follow the school’s policies for taking photos or videotaping students.

School Context

  1. Keep current with the new and existing programs at the school.

  2. Get to know the neighborhood and community that the school serves.

  3. Seek permission from your clinical teacher to participate in various school activities, such as (a) attend open house, (b) go on a field trip, (c) sit in on a parent-teacher conference, (d) attend a workday for teachers, (e) attend a faculty meeting, (f) spend an entire day at the school, etc.









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