These are difficult times financially in this nation, but these are also times when spiritual capital is on the rise. As I enter my third year as Dean of this remarkable School of Education, I am pleased with the accomplishments that have been made, but still mindful of those improvements that are yet to come and those students who still need help.

Our vision is to be a center of excellence in the study, promotion, and integration of educational, psychological, and physical well-being in multicultural communities. Because I believe so strongly in this vision and am proud of the progress we are making, I am asking you to support this vision and our school through the Annual Fund.

Progress is being made on our school's strategic plan goals:

The School is refocusing its efforts to encompass community well-being.

Our ranking is up 24 points in U.S. News & World Report, placing us among the top 45 programs nationwide.

We have 3 School of Education programs ranked among the top 4 nationwide in Academic Analytics.

We have increased interest and enrollment of top students in our School of Education programs.

We have a newly approved undergraduate program in Human and Social Development.

We are experiencing tremendous interest and growth in our Exercise Physiology (undergrad; grad) and Sport Administration (undergrad; grad) programs.

We are developing a new master’s and doctoral program in Community and Educational Leadership.

We have been able to attract and hire outstanding faculty scholars who represent the diverse nature of our community.

We are gaining attention in the national press for our faculty’s research efforts.

Your generous contribution can help us maintain the momentum in the school and its programs. There is a special need for scholarships for the excellent and deserving graduate and undergraduate students who want to study in our school. We need to capitalize on our growing reputation and research activity by hiring additional outstanding faculty. Funding is also required to continue the progress made in developing new programs such as those in community and educational leadership, athletic training, teacher retention, and nutrition. Plans for a transitional and a new facility are also in need of support.

I am confident that our dynamic school is poised for even greater achievement. Your Annual Fund gift this year will help us to create scholarships, support pioneering research, and build a long-needed, state-of-the-art teaching and research facility. Every gift makes a difference in what we are able to accomplish, and every gift is deeply appreciated. I thank you in advance for recognizing that especially in these times, those of us who are blessed to have a great opportunity to give to important and worthy causes.

With warm regards,

Isaac L. Prilleltensky
Dean, School of Education

The Annual Fund at the University of Miami encourages alumni, parents and students to recall, renew and embrace their UM ties by making annual gifts that strengthen the University of Miami and improve its ranking in US News and World Report. Even the smallest gift helps UM's ability to serve students through scholarships, teaching innovations, student life and leadership development activities. You can give securely online to the School of Education, and remember that every gift makes a difference to students and the University.



Occasions arise when there is the need to do something special for a friend, family member, or colleague. It may be a birthday or anniversary; a time to say thank you or congratulations; or, to honor a loved one’s memory. Please consider a donation to the School of Education. You may make a donation online and designate it to the School of Education or contact: Marsha Talianoff, Assistant Dean of Development, School of Education. 305.284.5038.

Make an Impact on the University of Miami for Years to Come

When it comes to helping the University of Miami meet the challenges of tomorrow by crafting a legacy today, there are many giving options to choose from besides simply writing a check. By electing to make a planned gift—a gift that is integrated into your personal financial or estate planning--you ensure that the University can continue to carry out its mission of excellence in education, research and public service well into the future. Whether you want to support our mission today or design a plan that benefits UM after you're gone, you can feel good knowing that you are helping UM be a strong educational asset for our students and a vital resource for our community.
For more information, please go to Estate and Gift Planning.


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Dean Isaac Prilleltensky at the 2009 Alumni Breakfast

Assistant Dean Marsha Talianoff welcoming guests at the 2009 Alumni Breakfast
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