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Exercise Physiology - Ph.D. 
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Exercise Physiology - Ph.D.

The Exercise Physiology doctoral program takes a holistic approach to the study of exercise physiology, which is based upon a solid scientific foundation.  The doctoral program focuses upon a strong research-orientation leading to different specialties within the exercise physiology umbrella.  A fully operational exercise physiology laboratory provides the basis for hands-on clinical skills, application of theory, and data collection for research studies required of the field.

The program differs from other programs due to its flexibility in the selection of research topics and the abundant opportunities for collaborative work with other departments.  The program is best known for its work in women’s health, obesity, pediatric physiology, aging, cardiovascular physiology, exercise biochemistry, human metabolism, and muscle physiology. Students are kept current in the field and are able to specialize in their field of interest under the exercise physiology umbrella.  

There is one PhD program in Exercise Physiology in the KIN department. Students must have a Masters degree in a related field that is strong in the sciences before embarking on the PhD program. There are prerequisite courses, including one year of chemistry, and one course each in human biology, basic human physiology, and basic exercise physiology. For admission, preference will be given to students who have taken courses in organic chemistry and biochemistry. Students without these prerequisite courses may be admitted, but must take leveling courses prior to coursework in the major. Only Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) students graduating from the undergraduate program in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami are eligible to go directly for their PhD from their B.S. degree.

Students meet with their academic advisors prior to beginning the program to develop an individualized program of study.  The number of credits the student is required to take depends upon the academic background and educational goals of the student.  A qualification examination and dissertation are required.


Note: Programs, program components, and courses subject to change.

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  Required Core in the Major (21 Credits) (Required)
KIN520  Cellular Exercise Physiology ( Req )
KIN521  Advanced Systemic Exercise Physiology ( Req )
KIN530  Laboratory: Techniques in Functional Evaluation of Skeletal Muscle ( Req )
KIN577  Advanced Nutrition for Health and Fitness ( Req )
KIN579  Principles of Exercise Assessment: Cardiovascular ( Req )
KIN586  Cardiovascular Assessment Lab ( Req )
KIN640  Neurophysiology in Exercise Science ( Req )
  Restricted Electives (Required)

Students must take 9 Credits of graduate KIN courses.

  Unrestricted Electives (Required)

Students must take 3 Credits of graduate coursework.

  Outside Supporting Field (Required)

Students must take a minimum of 12 Credits from a relevant supportive field.

  Research Competencies (Required)
All 15 Credits are Required.
EPS661  Measurement and Psychometric Theory ( Req )
EPS671  General Linear Methods ( Req )
EPS672  Applied Multivariate Statistics ( Req )
EPS673  An Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling for Multivariable Data ( Req )
KIN646  Research Methods in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences ( Req )
  Dissertation (Required)
Students must take 12 credits.
KIN730  Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation ( Req )
  Note (Required)

Note: 2/3 of all coursework must be at or above the 600 level. Students entering with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology or a related degree must take a minimum of 30 credits of graduate coursework at the University of Miami in addition to 12 credits of dissertation.

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Prospective Students:

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Admissions Contact:
Lois Heffernan
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Program Contact:
Kevin Allen Jacobs
Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences
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