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Exercise Physiology - B.S.

This program provides field experiences for students to put their knowledge to use outside of the laboratory setting in other clinical and commercial enterprises.  Students will receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education in the field.

Students will also be given the opportunity to assist graduate students in research, data collection and clinical assessments in the Laboratory of Clinical and Applied Physiology.  Established in 1983, the laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-science instrumentation enabling students to gain hands-on, clinical experiences in a sophisticated exercise physiology laboratory.  Students will learn how to use the equipment and apply it to real-life situations, on-going research, and clinical studies.

Accelerated Master’s Degree Option

Undergraduate students majoring in Exercise Physiology should consider applying to the Accelerated Master’s Program in Exercise Physiology at the end of their junior year or during their senior year. Following completion of their bachelor’s degree, students will be able to obtain a Master’s degree within one year. For more details and a brochure, exercise physiology undergraduate majors should speak to their advisors. Students applying to the Master’s program must submit all application materials and meet the admission criteria established under the "Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarship" section.

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Note: Programs, program components, and courses subject to change.

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  Exercise Physiology Major (Required)
KIN202  Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance ( Req )
KIN212  Elements of Sport Psychology ( Req )
KIN221  Bioenergetics and Skeletal Muscle Physiology ( Req )
KIN222  Exercise Physiology Laboratory: Neuromuscular ( Req )
KIN232  Basic Human Physiology ( Req )
KIN233  Basic Anatomy Lab ( Req )
KIN246  Gross Anatomy ( Req )
KIN321  Introduction to Systemic Exercise Physiology ( Req )
KIN322  Exercise Physiology Laboratory: Cardiorespiratory ( Req )
KIN345  Kinesiology ( Req )
KIN365  Principles of Exercise Prescription ( Req )
KIN366  Exercise Physiology Laboratory: Assessment ( Req )
KIN421  Advanced Systemic Exercise Physiology ( Req )
KIN457  Clinical Practicum in KIN ( Req )
KIN466  Principles of Exercise Prescription:Neuromuscular ( Req )
KIN477  Advanced Nutrition for Sports and Fitness ( Req )
  General Education Courses (Required)
Please click component name (above) to view additional General Education Requirements.
CHM103  Chemistry for Life Sciences I (Lecture) ( Req )
CHM104  Chemistry for Life Sciences II (Lecture) ( Req )
CHM105  Chemistry for Life Sciences I (Laboratory) ( Req )
CHM106  Chemistry for Life Sciences II (Laboratory) ( Req )
  Advanced Studies (Required)
For Pre-Med track only.
BIL150  General Biology ( Req )
BIL151  General Biology Laboratory ( Req )
BIL160  Evolution and Biodiversity ( Req )
BIL161  Evolution and Biodiversity Laboratory ( Req )
BMB401  Biochemistry for the Medical Sciences ( Req )
CHM111  Principles of Chemistry I ( Req )
CHM112  Principles of Chemistry II ( Req )
CHM113  Chemistry Laboratory I ( Req )
CHM114  Chemistry Laboratory II ( Req )
CHM201  Organic Chemistry I ( Req )
CHM202  Organic Chemistry II ( Req )
CHM205  Organic Chemistry Lab I ( Req )
CHM206  Organic Chemistry Lab II ( Req )
PHY101  College Physics I ( Req )
PHY102  College Physics II ( Req )
PHY106  College Physics Laboratory I ( Req )
PHY108  College Physics Laboratory II ( Req )
  Note (Required)
The Major in Exercise Physiology consists of 45 credits with a grade of "C" or higher in each course and an overall GPA of 2.5. 

Students are required to take five (5) writing intensive courses.
  Course Advising Plan (Required)

Course Advising Plan

Click Here for a printable Course Advising Plan for Exercise Physiology (without pre-med).

Click Here for a printable Course Advising Plan for Exercise Physiology (with pre-med).

Please meet with your advisor to obtain his/her approval signature and submit a copy of the signed Course Advising Plan to the Office of Student Services, MB 312, no later than the end of your first semester of enrollment.

This program of study and course advising plan is subject to change.

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